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Why should I protect my ears?

During water sports, wind, cold, bacteria and of course water get into the ear. This can result in infections up to an ear canal exostosis (so-called Sufer's ear). These very painful and sometimes long lasting injuries, prevent further activity in the water. Several studies prove the prevalence of surfer's ear among water sports enthusiasts. For example, 73% of all surfers in New Zealand have an ear canal exostosis; 40% even have a narrowing of the ear canal of more than 50%. 


What is Surfer's ear disease?

The so-called Surfer's ear disease is an ear canal exostosis: In short, the ear canal closes increasingly due to water and wind exposure. As a result, penetrating water can drain poorly and there is increased inflammation in the ear. Once the exostosis has manifested itself, surgery is the only remedy. You can prevent it by wearing hearing protection.


What is Swimmer's ear disease?

Swimmer's ear disease (otitis externa) is an inflammation of the outer ear, especially of the external auditory canal, but also of the auricle. Causes of such inflammation are softening of the ear canal skin by fluids, small injuries or penetrated foreign bodies with subsequent local bacterial infection. Swimmer's ear can usually be treated with ear drops. You can prevent it by wearing ear protection.


What material are IARS made of?

The IARS are made of skin-friendly (dermatologically tested) and easy-care silicone (free of harmful substances).


Individual parts on my IARS are defective?

Within our warranty period of 2 years we will refund defective parts free of charge. Just send us an email to

How is IARS pronounced?

IARS is pronounced like the English 'ears': So [iːə(ɹ)]


Where do I get my own IARS?

Either you order them here in the webshop or you visit one of our partner stores near you. 


I am still waiting for my IARS?

After receiving the impressions of your ears, we need about 7 working days for production and delivery. If this period is already exceeded, please contact us at


For which sports are the IARS suitable?

The IARS are suitable for all kinds of water sports, e.g. surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, standup paddling, swimming, kayaking or canoeing. For diving, the IARS have not yet been tested.


Is impression taking dangerous or painful?

We work with professional acousticians who have the necessary expertise and equipment to make an impression of your ear canal. The process takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless and safe.


Does the word IARS have any meaning?

IARS is an acronym for Inner Aural Rescue System.


I lost one of my IARS?

Lost IARS can be reordered at a special price through our customer service department. We store the data of your impressions for 3 years after impression taking. If you lose your IARS after this period, you will have to make an impression of your ears through our network. Just send us an email to

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